Biotexcel Privacy Policy & GDPR


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is the new European Union legislation enforced from the 25th May 2018 to regulate the use and storage of personal data by organisations in the EU and EEA.

As Biotexcel sells registrations to delegates who attend our events, Biotexcel will be affected by this new legislation which seeks to regulate businesses that sell to customers.
Biotexcel has appointed a Data Protection Officer whom our customers, partners, contractors and website users can contact at

Biotexcel GDPR Statement Summary

Biotexcel is firmly committed to protecting all our customers, partners, event sponsors, contractors and placement staff by maintaining best practice data protection guidelines in line with all UK and EU law including GDPR.  Biotexcel pledges to continue updating and improving our data protection policies.

The data that is held by Biotexcel is limited to name, job title, organization email address and a billing address as well as a contact telephone number. This is the data voluntarily submitted by you when you send an enquiry or place an order with us. We do not hold any other personal data such as credit card or bank information.

Biotexcel has undertaken a review of our data protection policy to:

·        Check the data we hold

·        Identify how data was collected

·        Check how we communicate with users/customers about our data policies

·        Validate an internal process for responding to requests to delete, amend or restrict data.

·        Check our consent mechanism for customers who wish to opt-in and opt-out of marketing communications.


Biotexcel’s Privacy Policy

  1. This document details the privacy policy for Biotexcel Limited of 14 Commercial Street, Manchester, M15 4PZ.
    In this policy we will be referred to as Biotexcel.
  2. The purpose of this policy is to let you know how we process your personal data if you visit our website or if you attend any of our events.
    Any reference in this document to “us” or “we” refers to Biotexcel.
  3. In relation to EU data protection law (including the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”), we are a ‘data controller’ of personal information of our contractors, partners, sponsors, customers and website users. 

    What information do we collect?

  4. We collect some personal information about some users of our website pages (detailed in point 6 below) and may take photographs of the events that delegates attend.
  5. We collect information if you are visiting sending us a query or placing an order to attend an event.
  6. If you place an order we collect your full name, email address, telephone number, billing address including VAT number if applicable, personal and/or work address and your IP address.
    If you send us a contact-us form through our website, we will collect your full name, email address, telephone numbers, personal and/or work address, your IP address along with the query you have submitted.
    If you visit our website we do not collect your IP address but if you attempt make an unauthorised and illegal entry to the secure side of our website we can identify your IP address using commercially available security software.
    If you attend our events in person then we may take photographs of the event and you may appear in these photos.  We always ask our delegates and speakers to inform us if they do not want to be in a photo or have any photos taken of them or their presentations slides whilst they are presenting them or during the event in general.
    Please note that Google Analytics is used to view the statistics of visits to our website and you can consult their privacy policy to gain a better understanding of how they collect and/or process your data. 

    How is your data collected?

  7. Your data is collected when you give it to us on our website (enquiry form or conference booking) or email it to us directly or through your colleagues whom you have authorised.
  8. Some data such as IP address is collected automatically when you visit and use our website.  This is explained above under the section “What information do we collect”. 

    What do we do with your data?

  9. We will use your personal information:
    To complete an order placed by you (conference registration) or to respond to a query that you have sent us.
    To verify your identity and confirm who you are.
    If you have registered to attend one of our events, we may email you to update you and give you information about similar events that we feel you may be interested in.
    To give information about your name, work affiliation and email address to the financial sponsors of a conference you have attended, if you have given us prior permission for us to share this information with the financial sponsors of the event that you are attending.
    To provide information to government law agencies and officials who make valid legal requests to us.  If this is the case we will inform you unless we are prohibited legally. 

    Who do we give your data to?

  10. If you have placed an order to attend one of our events, we may give your details to:
    our Accountants, Contractors, Consultants, Teachers, Sponsors (see point 11 below) or Partners of an event that you are attending so that they know you are attending the event and can communicate with you about the event and its preparation. Our accountant will also have access to your billing address and VAT number (if applicable) in order to prepare our company Tax Return.  These accounting records must be kept for a period of 5 years by law.
  11. If you have placed an order to attend one of our events and you have given us permission in advance, we will provide your Name, Work Affiliation and email address to the sponsors of the specific event you have attended.  In this case we will ask the sponsors to email you once only to request your active opt-in to allow them to share any further information with you about their products or services.  You will be able to check a list of all sponsors of the event you are attending by viewing the sponsor tab on the relevant event website.
  12. If you have placed an enquiry to us, we may share the enquiry information with any of our Contractors, Consultants, Teachers or Partners of that specific event only so that we can respond to your query in the most precise manner.
  13. If any governmental legal agency requests information we hold about you and we are legally obliged to provide it, we will do this.  We will try and inform you about such requests unless we are legally prohibited to do so. 

    Do we transfer your data from the UK where we are based to another country?

  14. If you have placed an order to attend one of our events or requested information about an event, we may need to transfer your data to our Contractors, Consultants, Teachers or Partners who are based within Europe (eg, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland) or other countries in Europe if it is necessary to inform them about who you are so that they can identify you and communicate about the event with you or provide you with information in relation to the query you have submitted to us.
  15. If you have actively given us permission then we will provide your name, work affiliation and email address to a financial sponsor of an event that you have attended.  The sponsor could be based in another non-EU country and the data regulations of that country would then govern how the sponsor processes your data.  You can find a list of the sponsors of any given event on the relevant event website.  If you have any concerns about sharing your email contact details with any sponsor, please let us know. 

    How do we store your data?

  16. We store your data on the servers of our service provider based in the US.
  17. We do not keep any hard copy and if hard copies are made for the purposes of confirming your registration to one of our events they will contain your name, work affiliation/organisation and email address and these hard copies will be destroyed once the event date has passed. 

    Can you access the data we have about you?

  18. At any time, you can request to view any personal data we store about you on our servers.  Please note that data will only likely be stored if you have contacted us in the past or attended our events.  There will be no other cases where information will have been stored. 

    Can you request us to edit or delete the data that we hold about you?

  19. You can request to see and correct the data we hold about you at any time.
  20. You can request for us to delete any data that we hold about you but we will still hold any information in relation to the deletion of your accounts that is needed for legitimate business concerns or/and to comply with the law or prevent fraud. 

    Giving us permission to contact you with marketing information

  21. If you have registered to attend one of our events or you have given us your consent by subscribing to our email lists or by letting us know by another method that you would like to receive information from us, then we will send you emails about our Genomic events.
  22. At any time, you can tell us that you would like to opt out and no longer receive any more information or communications from us.  You can do this by using the unsubscribe button in our email updates to you or you can send us an email with the subject heading UNSUBSCRIBE using the email address that you would like us to delete from our records. 

    Using the Biotexcel Website and linked Social Media Platforms

  23. When you use the Biotexcel website please note that if you click on any links that take you away from the Biotexcel website, we will no longer have any control over the protection or privacy of data that you provide when visiting those non-Biotexcel website links.
  24. Our website has links to our social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and we ask users to use and engage with these platforms in a responsible manner.
  25. When you visit any news item on Twitter, Facebook or other social media page linked to the Biotexcel account, please note that website links maybe shortened to a format such as (for example only):
  26. When users click on such shortened links that appear on our social media accounts, users are asked to exercise good judgment and care as social media accounts can be prone to hacking and spam.
  27. When you use the Biotexcel website you should be aware of “cookies” (see below). 

    What are “cookies”?

  28. If you would like to view information about how we use cookies you can check our cookie policy here and if you would like general information on cookies, you can check the following information website:
  29. You can control how cookies are used and can change your browser cookie options.  Please note that if you reject cookies some website pages or parts of website pages may not work properly. 

    How long do we keep your data?

  30. We will keep any data we have about you for as long as we need to provide services and information to you or for as long as is needed for us to comply with our legal obligations. 

    Updates to our Privacy Policy

  31. From time to time we may need to update some aspects of our privacy policy.  In this case we will inform you about these updates if you are opted in for us to communicate with you.
  32. If we do not have your permission to contact you, then you will need to check this page for updates to our privacy policy.  Any updates to our privacy policy will be highlighted as news on Twitter and on our homepage. 

    How can you contact us?

  33. You can contact us at any time by using the Biotexcel website and completing a Contact Us form.





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