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Genomic Medicine 2018 Nordic

October 2 - October 3

Genomic Medicine 2018 Nordic

Workshop: 1 October / Conference: 2 - 3 October

The fifth annual Genomic Medicine 2018 Nordic Conference will take place this year at Restaurant at South Denmark University (SDU) in Odense on 2nd & 3rd October and is organised in partnership with the Odense University Hospital Kennedy Centre at Rigshospitalet. 

There will be a clinical NGS Data Analysis Workshop on 1st October at the SDU.  This will be led by our partners at the clinical department of Odense University Hospital.  The workshop is aimed at analysis of the data as well as the clinical interpretation of the variants.

The conference itself will focus on the use of Genomics & Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and tools to look at human disease both in research as well as in a clinical setting.

As a running theme we hope to cover advances in the following areas: Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing Applications and Workflows, Personalized Genomics, the Metagenomics link to health/disease, Non-invasive Prenatal testing (NIPT), Cancer and Rare Disease genetics as well as Data Analysis and Storage and many more emerging research applications as well as their translation into their clinic.

NETWORKING: in addition to the scientific program, Genomic Medicine 2018 Nordic will allow delegates to interact with each other during specific networking events.  In addition to the excellent science showcased at our events the networking events acts as a signature to our events because delegates get the opportunity to meet other scientists and attendees to the conference.  Delegates always get the chance to leave the meeting with new contacts and friendships.

These networking opportunities include:

  • Introductory networking session on Day 1
  • Panel debate
  • Networking dinner on the evening of 2nd October

ACADEMIC POSTER SUBMISSIONS: We welcome academic poster presentation at our events. If you have some material to present, please send us an abstract by 30th September. This will be reviewed by our scientific committee and if approved you will receive a 15% discount off the conference registration fee.

If you would like to submit a poster, please send us an abstract using our CONTACT US FORM
Please submit your poster before registering for the conference as retrospective discount will not be possible.

Who should attend this event:

  • NGS users, group leaders, opinion leaders, researchers and students
  • Bioinformaticians
  • NHS & Private Labs, University labs, Biotech Companies, CRO’s, Service Providers etc

…and others interested in the latest developments of:

  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biomarkers
  • Computational Biology
  • Data Analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Genetics/Genomics
  • Infectious and Inherited Diseases
  • NGS Data Storage
  • Informatics
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Molecular Diagnostics


DAY 1 

09.00 – 10.30: Registration, Coffee & Networking
10.30 – 11.00: Ed Quazi – Networking and Collaborations Workshop
11.00 – 11.30: Prof Torben Kruse, Odense University Hospital
Opening Talk & Introduction
Clonal evolution in breast cancer metastasis: exome and deep sequencing
11.30 – 12.00: Prof Niels Tommerup, Wilhelm Johannsen Centre for Functional Genome Research. Uni of Copenhagen
Regulatory Mutations
12.00 – 12.30: TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION by Dr Bjoern Textor, New England Biolabs
12.30 – 13.30: Lunch, Exhibition, Networking
13.30 – 14.00: Dr Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda, Oslo University Hospital
Liquid biopsies, a non-invasive insight into the tumour’s genome
14.00 – 14.30: Prof Lauri Aaltonen, Genome-Scale Biology Program, University of Helsinki
14.30 – 15.00: TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION by Dr Samuel Myllykangas, Blueprint Genetics
15.00 – 15.30: Coffee, Exhibition & Networking
15.30 – 16.00: Dr Maria Soller, Lund University Hospital
16.00 – 16.30: Prof Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen, Dept of Biomedicine, Aarhus University
Genome-wide lentiviral CRISPR libraries for identification of cancer drug resistance genes
16.30 – 17.30: PANEL DEBATE: Would you sequence your genome and publish the data? And other topical Issues from the morning
Host:  Ed Quazi (Biotexcel)
18.00: DRINKS RECEPTION sponsored by Sponsoring Company (Pending) after a short 10 minute talk on:
19.00: NETWORKING DINNER (booking required)


09.00 – 09.30: Prof Brage Storstein Andresen, Institute for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, South Denmark University
09.30 – 10.00: Dr Rosellina Mancina, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
10.00 – 10.30: TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION by Dr Klaus Tangsgaard, Kem-En-Tec
10.30 – 11.00: Coffee, Exhibition & Networking
11.00 – 11.30: Dr Niels Grarup, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Centre for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen
11.30 – 12.00: Dr Klaus Brusgaard, Odense University Hospital
12.00 – 12.30: TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION by Sponsoring Company
12.30 – 13.30: Lunch, Exhibition & Networking
13.30 – 14.00: Prof Zeynep Tumer, Kennedy Centre at Rigshospitalet
14.00 – 14.30: Dr Kasper Thorsten, Aarhus University Hospital
NGS in Clinical Diagnostics at Aarhus University Hospital
14.30 – 15.00: TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION by Sponsoring Company
NGS solutions towards precision medicine
15.00 – 15.30: Coffee, Exhibition & Networking
15.30 – 16.00: Speaker, Affiliation
16.00 – 16.30: Prof Ida Vogel, Aarhus University Hospital
16.30 – 17.00: Speaker, Affiliation

Led by Clinical Genetics Department at OUH

The NGS Data Analysis workshop will take place at the SDU (please see venue tab for conference).
The workshop will aim to go over the steps from acquisition of sequencing data to the generation of the bam- and vcf- files that will be used in the subsequent filtering for variants. Variants will be evaluated using various databases and prediction tools to establish potential pathogenic variants. Workshop delegates will be given tutorials and examples and will be expected to handle the data themselves on their own laptops.

The bioinformatics team will consist of the following teachers;
Marin Larsen, ass. Prof., PhD, molecular biologist, bioinformatician at OUH in charge of the clinical sequencing data acquisition.
Mark Burton, ass. Prof., PhD, molecular biologist, bioinformatician handling quantitative sequencing data and statistics
Lars Andersen, PhD-student, mathematician, handling various models requiring advanced computation.
Klaus Brusgaard, assoc Prof., PhD, molecular biologist, evaluating genetic variants using various databases and prediction tools.


09.00 – 09.30: Coffee & Registration
09.30 – 10.00: Introduction
10.00 – 10.30: Introduction to NGS
10.30 – 10.40: Introduction to Workshop
10.40 – 12.10: NGS Basics
12.10 – 13.10: Lunch
13.10 – 14.40: NGS Diagnostic Interpretation I
14.40 – 15.00: Tea & Coffee
15.00 –17.30: NGS Diagnostic Interpretation II

If you have any queries about the workshop, feel free to CONTACT US


We encourage dialogue and interaction amongst all participants and we welcome the presence of sponsors to highlight new technologies, services and solutions within the relevant areas.  We have many sponsoring opportunities to suit all budgets, but we can also tailor specific packages to suit your needs. Some examples of sponsorship ideas are below, but please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to give you more details and talk about your requirements:

  • Gold Sponsor
  • Silver Sponsor
  • Exhibitor
  • Technology Presentation
  • Event Documentation

For more information please contact us.


Blueprint Genetics is a genetic diagnostic company that provides comprehensive genetics testing for all medical specialties. Our innovative technologies in human rare diseases enable improved tests with higher quality, lower cost and faster turnaround time. We offer full transparency to our technology, quality and performance, and analytic validations of our technologies. Our expert team of geneticists and clinicians together with our AI empowered data-crunching tools provide top quality clinical interpretation and reports, changing the standards of molecular diagnostics. We are accredited by ISO 15189 and CAP (#9257331) and certified by CLIA (#99D2092375). For more information, visit www.blueprintgenetics.com.


The BioNordika offering consists of products and services focused in the areas of Cell & Molecular Biology, including tools for next generation sequencing. BioNordika represents a unique combination of life science Premium Brands of products being stored, supported and marketed locally in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
New England BioLabs
 – Founded in the mid-1970s committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences industry, now a recognized world leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research. The innovative NEBNext product line supports next generation sequencing with sample preparation tools that streamline workflows, minimize inputs, and improve library yields and quality. The new NEBNext® Ultra™ II RNA Library Prep kit allows you to generate high quality libraries even when you have only limited amounts of input RNA.


Kem-En-Tec was founded in 1987 by a team of Danish scientists from the Protein Laboratory at the University of Copenhagen. Kem-En-Tec Nordic is a strong and reliable partner and our success is based on reliability, high service level, flexibility and a high technological knowledge and support. We consider ourselves your service partner more than an “over the desk” supplier. Kem-En-Tec’s fundamental concept is to apply, offer and support the ideas and results of research & development by representing new and better quality products, ensuring improved results and more efficient use of resources for our customers. Our trained scientific staff isn’t hidden behind a call center, and we take pride in the fact that you will quickly receive a qualified reply – also if you choose to contact us by E-mail. Our services include extensive pre- as well as post selling support. Currently Kem-En-Tec repressent a platform of products from more than 100 companies in the field of Protein Technology, Molecular Biology, Cellularbiology, Diagnostics and Environmental studies.


Covaris is the recognized industry leader for DNA fragmentation.  Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA™) is the gold standard for shearing DNA and RNA in Next-Generation Sequencing applications, without GC bias or thermal-induced damage. The Covaris AFA process is extensively cited in peer-reviewed research articles on DNA fragmentation using all available NGS systems. Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators are recommended by all major sequencing platform providers, and are used by leading Genome Centers worldwide including: the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, the Broad Institute, and BGI. For more information, please visit: www.covaris.com.






Restaurant & Lecture Theatre
South Denmark University (SDU)
Campus 55,
5230 Odense M

The best way to arrange your journey from your arrival airport to Odense is by using the Journey Planner at www.rejseplanen.dk.

Arriving at Copenhagen Airport:

When arriving in Copenhagen, the easiest way to get to Odense is by train. The train departures directly from the airport and arrives in Odense approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes later. The trains depart frequently. Everything you need, ticketing office and exit to the platforms, is available from the lobby in Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport.

Using the Journey Planner: Type: From “Copenhagen Airport” to “Odense st”.

Arriving at Billund Airport:

From Billund, there is no direct means of transportation to Odense. Therefore, the journey from Billund to Odense is by both bus and train. This journey takes approximately two hours.

Using the Journey Planner: Type: From “Billund Airport” To “Odense st”.

Arriving in Odense:

In all likelihood, the train station and adjacent bus station will be your hub of transportation. From here, city bus lines (40, 41 and 42) depart regularly. Their terminus is the main entrance of the university, which is on the Southern outskirts of Odense. The taxi hub is on the North of the station, the city buses stop at the ground floor of the station.

Genomic Medicine
2018 Nordic

Workshop: 1 October
Conference: 2 – 3 October

South Denmark University
Odense, Denmark


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October 2
October 3

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