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Circulating Biomarkers 2014

October 1, 2014 - October 2, 2014

Circulating Biomarkers 2014

Conference: 1st & 2nd October

The Circulating Biomarkers Conference 2015 is taking place in Glasgow on 30th September and 1st October and will be held in partnership with the Institute of Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

Confirmed speakers are: Prof Nicol Keith (Institute of Cancer Sciences, Glasgow), Prof Jacqui Shaw (University of Leicester) and Prof Charles Coombes (Imperial College, London).

More details will be available soon…

BioteXcel held the Circulating Biomarkers Conference 2014 in Dundee on 1st & 2nd October. In an effort to strengthen the link between emerging knowledge and technologies and personalized healthcare decision points, this conference brought together experts in the area of circulating biomarkers.

Experts presented in the areas of circulating tumour cells (CTCs), circulating micro-RNA (miRNA) and circulating free DNA (cfDNA) and how biomarkers can be used for better patient healthcare decisions.

Circulating biomarkers promise to enable minimally-invasive monitoring of health states in patients for specific predictive or prognostic information. The universe of molecular diagnostic technologies is expanding rapidly, based on access to sensitive detection technologies and emergence of highly effective targeted therapeutics. Yet the process of developing the next generation of molecular diagnostics is in flux as the value of molecular information is debated. An important part of the process of developing these promising diagnostics is the accurate analytical and clinical validation of biomarkers followed by demonstration of utility in the clinic and assessment of impact on health care costs.

The program explored this link in an effort to foster further collaborations that can potentially result in specialized tests, kits or devices to improve patient care for multiple diseases. This conference highlighted the latest developments in moving CTCs, cfDNA, and circulating miRNA from the bench to the bedside.

  • CTCs: what is needed for CTC measurement to become a standard part of care? What are the hurdles to using CTC analysis to guide personalized medicine? What emerging technologies will assess epithelial to mesenchymal transition most effectively?
  • cfDNA: How does sensitivity and specificity compare with CTCs? Can cfDNA be used to guide treatment decisions? How can next gen sequencing and cfDNA be used together to profile tumors?
  • Circulating miRNAs: can it they compete with CTCs and cfDNA? What are their advantages? Are circulating miRNAs more robust biomarkers than CTCs or cfDNA? What range of diseases are circulating miRNAs applicable for?

Invited experts addressed these questions and others in this exciting field. We hope that this conference contributed to move research on circulating biomarkers into diagnostics that will in turn aid in patient healthcare decisions.

Who should attend this Event?

  • Researchers and group heads working with circulating DNA, RNA or cell biomarkers
  • Translational Medicine researchers
  • NHS & Private Labs, Pharma, Biotech, Universities, CRO’s, Service Providers

… and all those interested in the latest developments of:

  • Biomarkers
  • microRNA, cfDNA
  • Oncology Diagnostics
  • Clinical Trials
  • Genetics/Genomics
  • Infectious and inherited Diseases
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Molecular Diagnostics



09.30 – 10.30: Registration, Coffee and Networking
10.30 – 10.45: Opening
10.45 – 11.00: Networking Mini Workshop
11.00 – 11.35: Prof Jacqui Shaw,Translational Cancer Genetics, University of Leicester Circulating tumour DNA as a biomarker in breast cancer
11.35 – 12.10: Technology Workshop: Using Reference Standards to analyse the sensitivity and specificity of assays optimised for cell-free DNA detection by Dr Hadas Raveh-Amit, Horizon Diagnostics
12.10 – 12.45: Prof Sean Grimmond, Medical Genomics, Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre, University of Glasgow Testing the clinical utility of personalised cancer genomics in advanced pancreatic cancer
12.45 – 13.45: Lunch, Exhibition and Networking
13.45 – 14.20: Prof Tim Meyer, Department of Oncology, UCL Cancer Institute, London – Talk Sponsored by Silicon BiosystemsSingle cell characterisation of neuroendocrine tumours
14.20 – 14.55: Prof Caroline Dive, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute CTC in lung cancer, Biology, Mouse models and Biomarkers
14.55 – 15.30: Dr James Dear, Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology Unit, University of Edinburgh Biomarkers and stratified toxicology
15.30 – 16.00: Coffee Break, Exhibition & Networking
16.00 – 16.35: Prof Michael Kerin, Surgery and Head of Discipline at NUI Galway and Galway University Hospitals Discovery of circulating miRNA that differentiate breast cancer from other malignancies
16.35 – 17.00: Dr Gillian Smith, Division of Cancer Research, Medical Research Institute, University of Dundee Novel clinical response biomarkers in drug-sensitive and drug-resistant ovarian cancer patients
17.00 – 17.35: Dr Dana Tsui, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute Circulating tumour DNA for Non-invasive Cancer Management
18.00 – 19.00: Civic Reception at City Chambers hosted by the Lord Provost of Dundee
19.30: Networking Dinner (by prior booking only)


09.00 – 09.35: Prof Charles Coombes, Medical Oncology, Imperial College London Breast Cancer: Progress in Monitoring Minimal Residual Disease
09.35 – 10.10: Dr Alastair Greystoke, Medical Oncology, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust Adaptive clinical trials in early drug development; potential and limitations of circulating biomarkers
10.10 – 10.45: Technology Workshop: A novel approach for multiplexed ultrasensitive detection of somatic mutations in circulating cell-free tumor DNA by Dr Malcolm Plant, Agena Bioscience
10.45 – 11.15: Coffee Break, Exhibition & Networking
11.15 – 11.50: Prof Angie Cox, Academic unit of Molecular Oncology, University of Sheffield
11.50 – 12.25: Prof Nicol Keith, Molecular Oncology, Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre, University of Glasgow Proof-of-concept biomarker integration into clinical trials
12.25 – 13.00: Dr Dawn Coverley, Department of Biology, University of York & Cizzle Biotech Variant CIZ1 is a circulating biomarker for early stage lung cancer
13.00 – 14.00: Lunch, Exhibition and Networking

*PLEASE NOTE: The agenda may be subject to change


Prof Caroline Dive

Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute

Prof Jacqui Shaw

Professor of Translational Cancer Genetics, University of Leicester

Prof Charles Coombes

Professor of Medical Oncology, Imperial College London

Prof Angela Cox

Head, Academic unit of Molecular Oncology, University of Sheffield

Prof Sean Grimmond

Medical Genomics, Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre, University of Glasgow

Prof Nicol Keith

Molecular Oncology, Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre, University of Glasgow

Prof Michael Kerin

Surgery and Head of Discipline at NUI Galway and Galway University Hospitals

Dr Daniel Antoine

Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Liverpool

Dr Dawn Coverley

Reader, Department of Biology, University of York & Cizzle Biotech

Dr Dana Tsui

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Dr Alastair Greystoke

Lecturer in Medical Oncology, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust



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ANGLE logo_Blue SMALLThe Parsortix system from ANGLE captures and harvests Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) from blood. The technology captures CTCs based on their larger size and more rigid structure compared to other blood components. It does not require the use of antibodies like a number of alternative techniques, and hence avoids problems associated with low antigen expression. The Parsortix system has been specifically designed with harvest of CTCs in mind to allow for their downstream genetic or protein analysis. CTCs are recovered in 200 µl of buffer with an extremely low level of background contamination. The system has been evaluated at CRUK – Manchester Institute and is currently being used for clinical research work at a number of leading research institutes both in Europe and in the US.
The system is CE marked for use in a clinical setting in Europe. For more information, please go to www.angleplc.com


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Genotypic tumor profiling is becoming increasingly routine in the battle against cancer, and next generation sequencing (NGS) is offering a way to quickly and affordably establish baseline tumor genetics. Platforms such as MiSeq™ and Ion Torrent™ are increasingly used to interrogate tumors using pre-defined cancer panels such as Ampliseq™ or Truseq™. The range of steps involved in a NGS workflow, combined with the sheer number of biomarkers being screened, has the potential to create unprecedented levels of variability. In order to generate results with confidence, it is therefore important to manage potential workflow variability from sample extraction and sample selection through to sequencing and variant calling.
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Dundee logoPrintUniversity of Abertay

Circulating Biomarkers 2014

Conference: 1st & 2nd October

Bona Hall, University of Dundee

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October 1, 2014
October 2, 2014

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