Biotexcel has tapped into the EU Horizon 2020 funding scheme to organize consortia that are able to work together to break the translational bottleneck and utilize genomic discovery research to realize non-invasive diagnostics.

The consortia organized by Biotexcel consist of genomic scientific research groups from across Europe who want to work together to realize a scientific objective. The average size of a consortium is about 10-12 groups each based in a different country.

Biotexcel has scientific & technical experience in Genomics and Diagnostics so for this reason we organize consortia who work in these areas.

Please get in touch if you have experience in: NGS based discovery, Power Statistics and Bioinformatics, Assay Design & Chemistry, Microfluidics, Medical Devices, Ethics, Regulatory Affairs, Diagnostics, Financial management of grants and more…

Once we write a grant proposal we apply to national European and international funding bodies – currently there are a number of topics under the Horizon 2020 framework.

All the consortia we are involved with are for non-invasive diagnostics that utilize genomic discovery data and where patients will be sampled using blood biopsies or stool samples or urine etc.

Get in touch and lets discuss some ideas and workflows. What interests us is a diagnostic objective such as being able to diagnose disease based on genomic biomarkers in a non-invasive manner.