The aim of our NGS conferences is to address key issues being faced by laboratories that are implementing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) into their workflows. Whilst NGS is a very powerful technology that holds the promise of unlocking the secrets of DNA sequences on a large scale, its implementation has not been as smooth as anticipated.

Whether your laboratory is working in the area of clinical genetics, animal, plant or microbial genetics you will be aware that there are common issues that unite researchers in all of these fields when it comes to establishing workflows for NGS. These issues which have become recognized bottlenecks across all areas of NGS based research include but are not limited to Library generation, Data analysis and Data storage. Whilst these issues are now being addressed by start-up as well as established biotech companies, they are being tackled in isolation of the entire NGS workflow.

The NGS 2013 Manchester conference will bring together leading experts from widely diverse backgrounds to tackle these issues by networking, discussing the common bottlenecks and working with biotech companies to try and mitigate these issues. We strive to keep our conferences informal and create a good personal atmosphere so as to facilitate dialogue and networking amongst all participants.

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December 20, 2021
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