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Elisabetta Fineschi

Elisabetta Fineschi

Elisabetta founded Biotexcel Ltd in 2011 and started the business as a consulting firm that specialised in providing technical and commercial consulting to life science companies. Through the consulting business, Elisabetta struck up a collaboration with a client and this led to the first genomic event called NGS 2013 Oxford which was held as a partnership. This event then led to multiple collaborations across Europe with NHS and University genomic labs and resulted in a portfolio of several Europe-wide genomic events.


Ed Quazi

Ed Quazi

Ed who has a PhD in Genetics looks after strategic relationships with Biotexcel partners. These partnerships with NHS and University genomic groups has led to the evolution of our Genomic Medicine & NGS events in Europe. Ed is responsible for bringing together genomics based biomarker discovery, clinical and engineering groups to form research consortia which then apply for international funding for non-invasive diagnostic workflows. Ed uses his experience from these ventures to run workshops at all our genomic events. Ed also manages the consulting side of the business.


Klaus Brusgaard

Klaus Brusgaard

Dr Klaus Brusgaard who serves as a non-executive director at Biotexcel is an associate professor within the Clinical Genetics department of Odense University Hospital and Southern Danish University in Denmark and is also the co-founder of a successful genetic diagnosis company, Amplexa Genetics. Additionally, Klaus is external associate professor at Near East University, Cyprus. Klaus advises Biotexcel on scientific themes for our meetings and workshops and connects our business to high level collaborators around Europe where we operate. Klaus also provides strategic scientific and industry advice to Biotexcel that allow us to best direct our business towards the scientific academic community.


Alexander Collings

Alexander Collings

Alex is performing a PhD at the University of Glasgow working in biomarker discovery & development with a focus on using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for the detection of circulating-tumour DNA biomarkers.
Alex has been working on an informal level with Biotexcel for a while and this has now been strengthened as he joins us as an independent consultant for social media related to genomics. Alex’s background in genomics allows him to have a complete understanding of the needs of his clients who work in the genomics arena.
Alex will be promoting Biotexcel’s genomic meetings along with the latest publications and information linked to the relevant meetings whether related to speakers, sponsors or to the thematic advancements in genomic medicine.


Nikolai Zhelev

Nikolai Zhelev

Nikolai has the role of non-executive director as well as being partner in our Genomic Events business – he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to us. Nikolai is Professor of Medical Biotechnology at University of Abertay, Dundee in addition to being the director of CMBCR and head of Cancer Systems biology. Nikolai is a distinguished academic as well as having worked in a senior level position in the Pharma industry, being head of department at Cyclacel. Currently Nikolai is honorary professor in eight universities in the UK, Bulgaria and China as well as the honorary consul general for Bulgaria in Scotland.


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