About us

Biotexcel Limited work in the area of Genomics and Diagnostics, organizing educational events such as conferences & workshops, providing technical and commercial consulting and organizing European wide research consortia.


Our Educational Events

We organize several conferences & workshops each year in different geographical regions of UK & Europe.

The scientific theme for our events is based around Genomics, especially around the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in research and the clinic. The events help to foster a virtual ideas hub for genomic discovery scientists to network with clinicians.

Our Consulting Activities

We have strong scientific and commercial experience in the Genomics and Diagnostics industries and use this to provide advice to companies and hospital/university spin-outs.

Our Research Consortia

Through our Educational events and Consulting activities we meet Scientists, clinicians and engineers who are interested in collaborating around topical scientific themes.

We organize research-to-diagnostic workflows and organize these groups into consortia followed by application for funding from international or EU funds such as Horizon 2020.