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NGS Data Analysis Workshops

Hands-on training with moduleson filtering variant analysis, clinical phenotypes and more…

Consulting In Life Science

Providing strategic technical and marketing advice to life science companies & university spin-outs

Research Consortium Coordination

Coordination of consortia for discovery to diagnostic workflow projects

Biotexcel focuses on the use of genomic technologies for improving human health.

Biotexcel is passionate about the use of genomic technologies to benefit people, especially patients. We feel that better diagnostics for diseases will enable people to take better preventative care and therapies.

Our ultimate goal is to bring together networks and consortia of genomic discovery researchers and link them to diagnostic bio-engineers so that improved diagnostics can be worked on. We do this by meeting genomic discovery groups at our events – groups that have discovery capabilities, relevant sample sets etc – and then we organize groups or consortia that can work together to achieve these goals. Sometimes we co-ordinate the projects ourselves and put the diagnostic workflows together too. The events help us meet the right kind of people and allow us to connect to them as well as connecting them to each other – this is why networking plays a key role in our events. As bioinformatics plays a big role in what we do, we try to keep abreast of developments and organize workshops in clinical bioinformatics with our partners such as Polyomics, Human Genetics Nijmegen or The Clinical Bioinformatics Company.

Finally we have been providing technical and commercial consulting to life science companies and university spin-outs for several years and this allows us to fund our events and workshops. Please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss any aspect of what you have read – if we can help we will and if not we have plenty of networks that very likely will.

Interactive Genomic Conferences

Imagine an interactive conference where you hear the latest about genomic technologies, take part in workshops, debates, networking sessions with all the delegates! That’s a Biotexcel Conference.

Research Consortium Coordination

Biotexcel organizes consortia for discovery to diagnostic workflow projects. Through our experience in consulting we have the resources to put together and coordinate workflows that are geared towards breaking the translational bottleneck and moving biomarkers into the clinic as diagnostic devices.

NGS Data Analysis Workshops

Our NGS Data Analysis Workshops are structured as one-day courses with modules on filtering, variant analysis, clinical phenotypes and other topics. The courses are hands-on training where all delegates participate in the analysis of NGS data.

Consulting in Life Sciences

Biotexcel Consulting has been providing strategic technical and marketing advice to life science companies & university spin-outs. Feel free to chat to us about your requirements if you are launching a new product/service or you are thinking about merging with another company and need advice.

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Genomic Medicine Nordic

December 20, 2021
12:00 am - 11:59 pm